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Khal Drogo could be cruel as well, and there was never a man more dangerous. She had come to love him all the same.”


Her hair was a mane of jet-black ringlets that fell to the small of her back, and around her brow was a band of copper suns. Where the Sand Snakes were tall, Arianne took after her mother, who stood but five foot two. She is still a little thing, the captain thought. Yet beneath her jewelled girdle and loose layers of flowing purple silk and yellow samite she had a woman’s body, lush and roundly curved.

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Natalie Dormer attends the Samsung and Lionsgate premiere of the first official teaser trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 during Comic-Con International 2014 on July 25, 2014 in San Diego, California


“My dear heart.”
When Henrietta was finally told of her husband’s death, she was stunned into silence and remained “like a statue” until the evening when she wept all night. “From this moment she would wear ‘a perpetual mourning both on her person and in her heart’.”


Adelaide Kane and Toby Regbo attend San Diego Comic-Con 2014 on July 24, 2014

“If something happened to you, because of me …”

It took me a while but I finally see how 50 shades started out as twilight fan fiction.. bad twilight fan fiction, but twilight fan fiction non-the-less.

I've been dying to read the 50 Shades trilogy! I hear the way BDSM is portrayed is horrible and inaccurate so I'm anxious to see how wrong & ignorant the author is. I think the story line shouldn't extend to 3 books but how is it so far?

Like I said Ive read better fan fiction. It’s a simple story line, very enjoyable. however I don’t understand how it’s a best seller as like you said the author seems ignorant, i can’t fathom how a grown woman wrote this but she did. I was very uneasy about reading them because of all the hype so i started the first last week, and tonight I just started the 2nd book as they are quite short, which kinda shows how additive they are haha. But the BDSM is just so cliche that I can’t deal! Also when I was reading the first book I didn’t know how it could continue to another book, but here I am reading another.

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i’ve read better fanfiction then these 50 shades books

The real north, you understand me?

Like mother, like daughter

But we were like two moths drawn to the flame, and burned.


having body hair annoys me but removing body hair also annoys me and also life, life annoys me